Western Council class “Secrets to Getting Paid”

Whether Public or Private projects, many providers have issues getting paid. While you don’t want to destroy business relationships, you need to get paid for your work. Bring your questions, and join us to learn the secrets to getting paid from a knowledgeable and respected contract specialist and litigator.

Topics to be discussed include:

Complying with the various required claims processes- contract, Government Code, etc. – so you’re not bounced out at the gate

 Damages for delay – are they available? Can they be excluded by contract? When can they not? Are such exclusions enforceable?

 Proper notice to the Surety to keep it on the hook for payment

 How much claims backup is required, and at what stage? Do you need a scheduling consultant early on in the claim?

 Recent court decisions governing what you must do to prevail on a claim, plus what mistakes can kill your claim

 Finding the money when a party goes bankrupt

 Using insurance coverage to help you pay for your claims, OR attorney fees to defend them.

 Other unique tips and tricks for getting paid — that you won’t hear elsewhere

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