Monthly Report
for: January 17, 2018

Chapter News: We are proud to announce the latest Registered Construction Inspector
(RCI Div-II*) to be certified under the ACIA, Steven T. Owston. Mr. Owston has been a member of the San Diego Chapter for about 2 years, and works as an inspector with the Facilities Dept. in projects management at San Diego State.

In other chapter news, Steve Owston RCI was selected by unanimous vote of the members attending in January as the chapter Vice President. Thank you for your service, Steve!

*The RCI Division-II Building inspector classification is one of the certifications recognized by CA DGS/DSA that satisfies part of the experience matrix for the DSA Project Inspector exam. The 2018 Schedule for the Project Inspector certification program was posted earlier this month. See the DSA website for more details.

Topics of Discussion in January: CA Title 19 establishes the duties and authority of the Office of
the State Fire Marshal (OSFM). The OSFM in turn publishes rules and checklists. At the January
meeting, George Lentulo presented the OSFM checklist that his team uses at SDSU as a guide to the DSA Project Inspector* organizing their own FLS inspections on a jobsite. Inspectors love checklists!

*The DSA’s involvement with Fire and Life Safety review of public schools derives from Government Code Section 14963, enacted in 1992, which states, “The duties and functions formerly conducted by the State Fire Marshal that relate to construction, school, plan checking, and construction inspection are hereby transferred to the Office of the State Architect.”

The meeting was concluded with a quick review of the OSFM bulletin that was recently posted on the DSA website relating to sprinkler-fitter certifications.

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Upcoming Meeting: February’s presenter is TBD. Look for the meeting invitation to follow.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Location: Anejo Bar and Grill @ 329 West Felicita Avenue, Escondido, CA 92025

Post Author: ACIA Staff