Fire Alarm and Signaling Systems


Andre Simon's presentation for the 2016 Symposium is about Fire alarm and Signaling system. Created in 2006 for the Monterey symposium and references “updated for NFPA72-2013”, the presentation is intended to give a simple approach and understanding of what an inspector should know for a successful inspection and test of a fire alarm and signaling system. It is achieved by dynamically loaded slides, animations and filled with codes and standard references.

It discusses which codes and standards are followed, the fundamentals requirements, review of what should be on plans, documentation requirements and how to build and test a simple system. We will also review the different types of devices, their use and locations and prepare for a successful test. Along the seminar, changes to the codes will be highlighted and explained.

Even as a bit of a “feared subject” for a lot of inspectors, simplicity, clarity and dynamism is kept in mind. Not to be missed by anyone still “uncomfortable” with fire alarm systems inspection and testing.


No ACIA application is necessary for this product.