Two options to participate:

ACIA membership: to become part of the American Construction Inspectors Association you need only to select which type and apply!

Registered Construction Inspector: to become a RCI, you must apply, be approved and pass our three part RCI exam in your chosen division or ‘field’.

ACIA Membership

ACIA membership is available to all professionals in the construction industry, including

  • building officials
  • construction inspectors
  • certified code inspectors
  • architects
  • engineers
  • contractors
  • construction managers

There are several ACIA membership options. Annual membership dues include your membership in the local ACIA chapter and more. Select the membership that’s right for you by clicking here and join the ACIA today!


RCI Membership

Registered Construction Inspectors, or RCIs, form the core of our membership, with RCI members in California and 23 states across the country. We set our standards high, and those who pass our examination process are automatically granted a one year RCI certification and a one year membership in the ACIA. If you want to become an RCI, please click here.