Industrial General Permit Stormwater Compliance Training

August 23, 2017 

Have you filed you 2016-2017 Annual Reports
DUE JULY 15th!!!
Join us to learn how.

Thunder Mountain is hosting a trainingAugust 23rd, to help facility managers with the implementation of the Industrial General Stormwater Permit.

  • Review Industrial General Permit
  • 2016-2017 ANNUAL REPORTS DUE JULY 15th!!!
    Learn the process and how to stay in compliance.
  • Annual Comprehensive
  • Minimum BMPs requirements
            – Sampling requirements
            – No Exposure
            – Risk based Permit – Baseline, Risk 1, Risk 2

Seats are limited, please call to reserve a space as soon as possible. Flier below. 

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Post Author: ACIA Staff