DSA’s New Project Submittal Appointment Process Starts Today!

Division of the State ArchitectDSA’s New Project Submittal Appointment Process Starts Today!

The Division of the State Architect’s (DSA’s) new project submittal appointment process is effective today. Clients now schedule project submittal dates six to eight weeks in advance of delivering project plans to DSA.
To schedule a project submittal date, complete the new and required form DSA 1-REG: Registration for Project Submittal six to eight weeks in advance. DSA will begin plan review within five working days of the scheduled project submittal date.
Through September 11, 2017, you may request to be notified in the event that an earlier appointment becomes available. Contact your DSA Regional Office if there is an urgent need to expedite a project.
Procedures for the new process are outlined in PR 17-03: Project Submittal Appointment Process. This document also provides links to the new, required project registration form (DSA 1-REG) and the revised DSA 1 application form. The project submittal checklist (DSA 3) is in the process of being revised.
Thank you for your ongoing patience as we implement this change to enhance the quality of submitted plans and significantly reduce the overall time spent on plan review, helping you to reduce costly project delays.