ACIA Membership Options

The Benefits of ACIA Membership


Nationally Accepted Testing and Registration Program

ACIA Members have access to one of the most advanced and respected Testing and Registration programs in the Nation.

The ACIA Registered Construction Inspectors program is accepted by:

  • California Division of the State Architect (DSA)
  • Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD)
  • Office of Emergency Services (OES)
  • The Judicial Council of California
  • Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD)
  • Department of General Services and Cal Trans
  • City Building Departments such as; Anaheim, Palo Alto, Tacoma, El Paso, Des Moines, Folsom and many more!
  • City Public Works Departments such as; Palmdale, Anaheim, and many more!
  • North Las Vegas Water District
  • Coachella Water District
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Consultant firms such as;
    • Pringle and Associates
    • Lentulo Consulting
    • Phoenix Construction
    • and many more!



Continuing Education Discounts

ACIA/RCI Joint Members receive discounts on all functions promoted by our association. Government agencies and legislative bodies throughout the country are seeing the value of requiring Construction Inspectors of all disciplines to participate in continuing education. The construction industry is ever changing and, therefore, the qualifications of construction inspectors are also fluid. Our Association is dedicated to providing the kind of real life educational opportunities that has direct practical application. Learn it today and use it in the field tomorrow.


The Inspector magazine

ACIA Members receive one issues each year of the “The Inspector” magazine. This is a valuable publication written by and for the Professional Construction Inspector. Each issue is full of articles brimming with advice and experience from people in the industry, including discussions of code issues, liability problems, legislative concerns, small business advice and even small business computing. We welcome all ACIA members to submit articles for publication.


A Voice in the Industry

Join with your fellows and help make our profession a better place to work with better results for public safety. The construction inspection industry and code enforcement was created through the political process for the public good and it is within this arena that we can all have a voice in improving the status of our profession through a common political voice. Working together we can improve public opinion and awareness of issues that pertain to quality construction and public safety issues, be educating public officials and the general public on issues that directly effect public safety and financial loss in both manmade and natural disaster.


The ACIA Job Network

The ACIA Job Network is an email notification system that informs participants on job availability and required qualifications. Don’t miss another opportunity for that job or project you have been wishing for. As an ACIA member all you have to do is for the Job Network and you will receive prompt notification of projects or positions available.


ACIA Chapter Meetings

Sharing industry advancements, job site experiences, codes questions, job availability, and other issues with your peers at an ACIA monthly chapter meeting. Our industry is continually changing, in fact, the changes can almost be overwhelming as we all try to keep up with the newest information in the construction business. Networking is not simply a nineties buzz word, but can be a powerful tool when practiced within organizations like the ACIA.



These are just a few of the benefits you will experience when you join your peers in making our industry a better place to work and the world a safer place to live. Contact a chapter near you for more information or contact the office at 626-797-ACIA (2242) or via e-mail at




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